Drag Chain

Chains manufactured from only high quality steel and then heat-treated to ensure optimum strength, corrosion and resistance to wear. Paddles are fastened with high quality hardware and Loctite

Types of Drag Chain

81XH                            WH124
81XHH                         WH124HD
WH78                           WH132
WH82                           WH157
2124                              2132
English Chain

What Sets Us Apart

  • We offer 1–3-day lead times on chain
  • Built in house in North Sioux City, SD
  • We stock most chains and all materials to build the drag chain
  • All chains are available in both carbon and stainless steel

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Split Sprocket

The easiest and safest way to replace a sprocket

We at Premier Industries work relentlessly to reduce lead time and pursue technology that improves the efficiency and timeliness of our services.

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